Teaching Studio Policy

Please have the following items before coming to first lesson:

  1. Practice Log
  2. Heavy metal practice mute (about $10-15) for in-room practicing
  3. Working metronome that fits in your case (I recommend the Korg MA-30-the blue one)
  4. Extra set of strings (and two E strings if poss.)
  5. Peg dope (made by Hill and Sons)
  6. Full cake of rosin (doesn’t have to be new, just not in more than one piece…)
  7. Foldable music stand
  8. Bring all the sheet music you possibly can to the first lesson
  9. Make an inventory of all the pieces you’ve played
  10. Finally, a good music dictionary for looking up terms is always a good idea. 
  11. Something else that I’ve seen the need for is an extra fine tuner for the A-string.  I have one, and it has saved me more than once on stage, so please invest in one, and I can put it on in lesson if need be.

Recommended Violin Resources:

  1. Johnson Strings is a really good place to go for fast service and reasonable prices: www.johnsonstring.com
  2. Also good are Shar Music (www.sharmusic.com), Southwest Strings (www.swstring.com) and The Music Stand (www.themusicstand.com)