Bach Musette in Suzuki bk. 2/2

Note: in order for the reader to be able to follow the comments below, it’s best to download the practice part first by clicking on the link at the bottom of the post, then following along.

Here’s the Musette from Suzuki Bk. 2. It’s a little tricky in that it doesn’t have that many sections that repeat or are very similar. There are some, but considering the piece is only half a page, there’s a lot of material to deal with. That said, the first four examples are fairly similar. The first two excerpts are at the 8ve then the next two are at the fifth. I’d say that the fifths are more similar in feel than the former. Then the fifth and sixth excerpts are a variation. After that it’s hard to really draw meaningful parallels. Always bear in mind though: practice parts are to be used primarily to short-circuit the tendency for the student to play through the piece beginning to end. So this will help to that end.


Bach Musette Suzuki bk2:2