Renewing Our Perspective

Spring Mountain Musings Banners2This week’s newly designed mountain scene (Garden of the Gods) got me to thinking about the ways in which our relationship with God changes based on our perspective. If you’ve ever been around mountains, you know that from a distance, they appear majestic, even intimidating. However, as you approach them, they often appear smaller. That’s how our relationship with God is like. At first, the idea of a relationship with God is hard to grasp. However, the closer we draw to Him, the more intimate or “smaller” our relationship becomes. Of course, neither God nor the mountains actually shrink; their potential is still there and a certain respect needs to be retained. Nevertheless, it is our engagement which allows us to transform our awe into relationship.

Reflection Question: How can you “shrink” the distance between yourself and God today?

Today’s Prayer from Anselm of Canterbury:

I pray that I may so know you and love you
that I may rejoice in you.
And if I may not do so fully in this life
let me go steadily on
to the day when I come to that fullness
Let me receive
That which you promised through your truth,
that my joy may be full.

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