Making a Musical Difference

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Can you think of a marginalized group of people in your community who may not have the opportunity to listen to classical music? I’ve recently been thinking about the homeless population in Denver and how a musician, like myself, might be able to make a holistic difference in these individual’s lives through relationship and music. Music can truly be a powerful instrument of healing. Read about non-profit Shelter Music Boston and its works to bring classical to the city’s homeless population. The nonprofit has given over 100 performances for one of Boston’s most vulnerable populations. I would like to hear your thoughts about how musicians can reach out to the homeless individuals and communities through our music-making today.
Reflection Question: How can you be an agent of change in the world today as a musician?
Today’s Prayer: Dear heavenly father, stir within us the spirit of creativity and compassion so that we can perceive how our musical gifts can bring hope and healing to others whom are less fortunate than we. Amen.

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Memory and God’s Voice

When a sermon really hits home, I sometimes wonder how much of it is simply God’s voice resonating in my memory. Recently, I’ve felt nudged towards professional areas I feel excited about and uncomfortable with concurrently, but I’ve been avoiding engaging that voice for longer than I care to admit. Then I recall instances in which God has redeemed situations through an individual’s willingness to submit to His guidance. The Bible is a compendium of stories and lessons wherein God reminds us of his provision. Let’s remember that.

Reflection Question: Where do you feel God’s hand of guidance in your life today?

Today’s Prayer: Dear God, please help us to submit to your support. Guide us as we compare what we think we can do to what you’ve told us we can accomplish. Amen.

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